Mobile Developer at 9, and CEO of his own software company at 13 – meet India’s tech genius, Aadithyan Rajesh

What do typical 9 year olds like to do? Watching cartoons or animated movies, building lego car models and probably reading comic books. They for sure love indulging themselves in their favorite desserts and pastry options. When I was 9, I was fiercely demanding a red-coloured bicycle from my parents. Let’s see what Aadithyan Rajesh was upto when he was 9 years old?

Unlike the majority of the kids throughout the world, Aadithyan Rajesh, at 9, was busy developing his own mobile application. Aadithyan’s father bought him a computer when he was just 5 years old. The introduction to this immensely useful machine changed Aadithyan’s life forever. To pass their time, youngsters heavily rely on TV shows or reading books. But Aadithyan started to cultivate his coding skills and hone them, just because he could not find something better to kill his leisurely time with. Eventually he fell in love with writing programs to build applications and designing logos. He has developed websites for a number of his clients.

Aadithyan Rajesh

“I was born in Thiruvilla, Kerala, and my family moved here when I was five. The first website my dad showed me was BBC Typing, a website for kids where young students can learn typing,” he told the Dubai-based English daily. Being extremely tech savvy, he immediately got the hang of computers and understood the makings of a good software design process. At 13 years of age, in 2017, Aadithyan launched his own software development company, Trinet Solutions in Dubai. Initially, Trinet Solutions had just three employees, who were his schoolmates and friends.

“I need to be over the age of 18 to actually become an established company owner. However, we function like a company. We have worked with over 12 clients, and have given them our design and coding services entirely for free,” said Aadithyan, who was a student of Elite English School in Abu Hail, Deira, at the time. Today, Aadithyan is deputed as the Vice President Marketing at the Next Generation Nations in Dubai.

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