Does your startup need a headstart to get off the ground? Ecosystems like startup incubators provide closed support mechanisms for founders to build their ventures rapidly with support from expert mentors and advisors. True to their name, such programs are built to insulate early-stage founders from market forces, while providing […]

From the moment Ratan Tata resigned as the chairman of Tata groups on his 75th birthday, he has been looking out for interesting start-ups to invest in. Ratan Tata has always been a philanthropist and has provided innumerable contributions to various charities throughout his lifetime. With his new look into […]


Want to start a business but too intimidated by all the legal requirements for setting up a company? Here’s a detailed look at what you need to do. Most of the founders are coders, designers, marketers, and folks from different professions. One critical thing that most founders aren’t the best […]

Any startup’s journey to success begins with a great team. The team will determine whether the startup turns into a business module or a thing of the past. According to statistics, not having the right team is the third-highest factor (accounts for 23%) behind the failure of startups. And the […]


Instagram can be used for so much more than just photo sharing. From advertising to offering expert advice and motivation or running competitions and building relationships with your followers, there is a vast scope of business on Instagram. If you have always dreamt of starting your own business but do […]

The Automobile industry in India is on the upswing due to the surge of economy and technology. They have opened the gates for many startups and businesses ideas to flourish. Car care businesses will continue to grow at a faster rate than the overall economy. Forward-looking indicators suggest there is […]