Almari: A service that gives you space to store your occasion-based clothing.

Wondering what is the solution to your problem of spending hours rummaging through your closet, and still cannot find the set of clothes you want for that special occasion or that important meeting? Even if you do find it eventually, it is not ‘ready-to-wear’?, Then Almari is the solution for you. 

Almari is a service that gives you the chance to store your occasional wears, business suits, premium garments, etc, in a safe, secure, and careful manner. 

Almari offers to house your outfits carefully by carrying out regular maintenanceand make sure they’re delivered to you, exactly when you need them, in a ready-to-wear condition! Almari was founded in January 2019 by Leher Ali, who is just 19 years of age and currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Mithibai College, Mumbai. 

 Lehar says, “Many of us, including me, stuff our occasional wear in suitcases or boxes. But, when you take them out, they are in an unwearable condition and you spend hours cleaning and ironing them. It’s an ordeal and you wish there was a service to store these nice clothes neatly and properly. And from here she thought there should be a service to solve this problem.

Founder and CEO of Almari

People typically throw tantrums at this stage. Where others saw despair, 18-year-old Leher Ali – a commerce student from Mumbai – saw a business opportunity.  The Almari service is managed by her mother, Sanha Ali, who is the co-founder of Almari. Together this mother-daughter team has successfully launched this unique concept, which is India’s first premium garment storage start-up. Her family also helped Leher secure a loan of about Rs 60 lakh, the initial investment for the venture.

Almari (which means wardrobe in Hindi), picks up clothes from your doorstep, stores them in a secure place (a “care house”), dusts and steam-irons them, and delivers them as and when needed. On special requests, Almari also facilitates dry-cleaning services for customers. 

Almari’s concept is undoubtedly new, possibly even unheard of in India. Some might even balk at the idea of storing expensive clothes outside their own houses. But, Founder-CEO Leher asserts that there is a definite need for a service like this, especially in a city like Mumbai where real estate costs are prohibitive, and people live in matchbox-sized apartments that cannot house large, spacious cupboards. 

Interest from other cities is also pouring in. Leher says, “We were wrong in thinking that in Delhi, people have large houses to store their lehenga-cholis and other premium wear. We get maximum calls from Delhi, Chennai, and even Ahmedabad and Surat. People want us to launch there soon.”

Almari stores maintain and give your occasionwear the extra care they deserve, with no hassle. They make sure customer’s outfits are delivered to them in a Ready-To-Wear condition, every time they need them, within 24 hrs.

All garments are kept at a specially designed Almari Care-House, which is equipped with Air-Purifiers and Air-Conditioners. All garments are kept on Hangers, inside a Dust-Proof cover and maintained using a Garment Steamer in every 15 days, each garment is PhotographedBarcoded, monitored with CCTV cameras 24×7 Also, each garment has Insurance Policy. 

 Its core proposition of ‘Dress Tumhare, Space Hamari’ has already wooed about 100 customers, including men, who are willing to send their business suits, blazers, and jackets to the start-up’s 800-sq-ft ‘care house’ in Malad – a suburb in north-western Mumbai. Almari’s facility can house about 2,000 outfits at any point, and the start-up plans to add two more storage facilities this year.

At present, Almari accepts pick-up and drop orders over WhatsApp. There is no app so far. Customers are expected to maintain a 24-hour-window, but exceptions are honored at times. “We have delivered clothes even at three hours’ notice,” says Leher. For dry cleaning services, Almari has tied up with Closet Care – a Mumbai-based laundry start-up.  The pick-up and drop are handled in-house. Almari owns a delivery van and a fleet of two people. More will be added as it expands its storage facilities across Mumbai and other cities.

Their vision is to be a customer’s first choice when it comes to storing & maintaining premium garments & accessories, globally.

Paritosh Gaikwad

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  1. Really a very nice service. I really don’t know that such kind of service is also available before reading this article. Thank you so much to author Paritosh Gaikwad for introducing this amazing service through this article . Keep sharing your articles 👍👍👍

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